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Support the Free Will Lutheran Church in Malawi

On the AmazonSmile website YOU can designate Holy Trinity to receive a small percentage of your purchase (.5%). It is easy! All you have to do is make your normal purchase on Amazon going through the AmazonSmile website. The money will come directly to Holy Trinity on a quarterly basis and will benefit the Free Will Lutheran Church in Malawi, helping Pastor Hudson Mwaungulu feed the 187 members of his congregation. Food is in short supply there, and the cost to purchase it has gone up. Make your click count! Learn more about the Lutheran Church in Malawi. 

Volunteer Spotlight

Crossing the boundaries of language, culture

  Chrisanne Mitchell began volunteering in her children’s school some years ago. 

She was assigned to help a Hispanic girl, who needed quite a lot of help with reading, writing, and math. She continued to work with the child and would go on to tutor her three younger siblings.

Through her connection to this family, Chrisanne took an interest in the Hispanic community 

and learning Spanish. Subsequently, Chrisanne has become a volunteer with Centro Latino

an agency dedicated to serving the Hispanic community in our area. It’s an agency our congregation supports with monetary donations—we’ve planned to give $2,500 this year. We also partner with Centro Latino to provide a summer day camp—an idea born from conversations between Chrisanne and Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator Van Van Horne.

Chrisanne and Van were able to work with Centro Latino and Lutheridge to put 

the day camp program together. Funding secured from Holy Trinity’s endowment foundation 

ensures that there is no cost to families for children to attend.

“It’s an opportunity to help the Hispanic community feel welcome,” Chrisanne said. 

“It can help relieve tension between their community and ours, helping us to be comfortable with each other in work and play.”

The day camp provides activities and socialization for children who otherwise 

spend their summer days inside at home because their parents work.

Plan for this year’s day camp are getting underway. Chrisanne communicates information to parents through Centro Latino. She’ll begin publicizing the camp this month to help spread the word. Along with the time she spends tutoring children at Centro Latino, this is work she enjoys doing. “I found my place in the community for volunteering,” Chrisanne said. “It’s been really rewarding.”

Day camp will be held June 8-12, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.